As a community living option the Newman House is proud to have many places where residents and guests can relax, pray, study, and socialize. These spaces are a big part of what makes the Newman House more than just a place to live, and instead offers residents a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Newman House Chapel
Mass at University of North Dakota

The Newman House converted what was known as the "Smoker" where men used to come and wait for their dates into a chapel in 2010. The Our Lady Queen of the Virgin Martyrs Chapel houses the Blessed Sacrament year round and is available for residents to pray in 24/7. Father Luke comes over from the Newman Center to celebrate a house mass at least once per month.

Kitchen and Dining

Community Kitchen at Newman House
Community Dining Room At Newman House

The Newman House has a common kitchen where residents can prepare meals, make coffee, relax, and study. Newman House provides food for all 21 meals each week, including prepared suppers Monday-Thursday. Personal food can be stored in designated space in the fridge and in each room's designated cupboard.

The dining room is used for events and house suppers, as well as studying and spending time together. 

Living Room

Living Room 2.jpg
resident piano at Newman House

The Living Room was traditionally a spot of hospitality and socializing for the Tri-Deltas. Today, the living room has been through updates to honor the original style of the house, and to provide a place where residents can relax together or with their guests. Our piano is a unique piece of history, manufactured in 1929 and built right here in the living room, the piano has been a part of the house since the beginning. It not only looks amazing, but is made from old wood when fuller forests led to denser wood, that offers deeper resonance than can be achieved with a modern piano. 


library at Newman House at University of North Dakota
Community Library at Newman House

The Newman House is the proud home of Father Gerard Potter's library. The library has been sorted to offer a varied and theologically solid selection of theology, philosophy, history, and literature, all available for resident use. The library is also a space where residents can relax or study in a quiet atmosphere, and has a color printer available for residents to use. The house also hosts many events in the Library, including Women's Nights, where we bring in a speaker to discuss issues facing the modern Catholic woman, such as vocational discernment or working in healthcare.


community lounge at Newman House
study room at Newman House

Each residential floor has a lounge available for spending time together or studying. The Second Floor lounge has a TV and comfy couches, while the third floor lounge has a large study desk, as well as a couch for reading or relaxing.

Basement Recreation Room

recreation at Newman House
Rec Room University of North Dakota

The Basement Recreation room provides a place for large groups to gather for movie nights, bible studies, and more. Comfy couches are available for midday naps and a TV is also available for use by all residents.